Virtual Consultation $25 (30-45 minutes)

All services require a virtual consultation prior to service. All associated consultation fees will go towards selected service.

Personal/ Wardrobe Styling

Know exactly where you want to go, but not sure what to wear? Personal Styling is just right for you! This service includes helping clients achieve the most suitable image for themselves, by choosing clothing and accessories that fit the clients body type and individual needs. Style advice for hair and makeup may be provided upon request. This service can be for a one-time occasion, series of events or in-person photoshoot. (Price assessed during consultation)

Wardrobe Rehaul (Hourly Rate)

A wardrobe rehaul includes assessing the current state of your wardrobe and determining your present needs. This is done through an in-depth analysis, creating your personal style- whether for work, play or special event. This service requires time and patience but the end result is well worth it!

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper finds what you want, for when you want it! After your virtual consultation, we will source multiple vendors to give you your desired look. This service is great for those who know their personal style, but don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to do the leg work. We will offer advice and knowledge on the best products to purchase for your special day, occasion and/or event. (Price assessed during consultation)

Virtual Styling

The fraternal twin to Personal Styling, Virtual Styling is for those clients who aren’t logistically able to meet in person. Whether you live out of town, are in a last minute bind or simply prefer to work together virtually, this allows for one-on-one consultations via Phone or Video Messaging. (Price assessed during consultation)

Event Production

Coming Soon!