About Dawson

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were BORN and the day you find out WHY.”

Mark Twain



Jazmine Dawson (Dawson), owner of NineThirtyOne, began her fashion journey as a young girl, sketching designs and recreating looks inspired by her favorite celebrities. This passion for fashion followed her wherever she went, from designing church productions to curating the perfect looks for various events - there was no place Dawson touched that didn’t bring inspiration. An engineering graduate of North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University, Dawson discovered her love for event production. Over the years she’s enjoyed producing numerous events including weddings, gender reveals, milestone birthdays, tournaments, and festivals. In this fashion and event production merger, Dawson is able to seamlessly engineer the perfect vision for any occasion. Finding the perfect intersection of creativity and management to meet all of your personal styling and event curation needs.

Dawson was BORN on September 16 th at 9:31am, and therein lies the name. She believes her WHY is to help people tell the best version of their story through personal style and event production.

God put everyone on this earth for a specific purpose, and life is about preparing you for the day your purpose is realized. Often times, as in her case, your purpose is found right back where you started..